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The Lion of God Trilogy Comes To A Shattering Conclusion–Get Your Copy Today!

The Lion of God Finale Is Here At Last!

In July of 2015, thriller readers were first introduced to the backstory of bestselling author Russell Blake’s character Ariel in Lion of God: Episode I, as the violence of the Second Intifada began to sweep across the Middle East and a dark plot emerged in the shadows, threatening to shatter all thoughts of peace. . .forever.

And earlier this year, the stakes were made even clearer in Episode II of the trilogy, as the Mossad and CIA were forced to come to terms with the true nature of the Iraqi threat.

And now the trilogy returns for a final, devastating episode, as the trail leads Ariel and the Mossad to one last bloody battle in the Iraqi desert. The stakes have never been higher. And not everyone will make it home.

Download your copy of Lion of God: Episode III today!

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