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"He wasn't supposed to be here. None of them were. That wasn't unusual--he'd spent well over ten years of his life going places he wasn't supposed to go, doing things he wasn't supposed to do."

CIA paramilitary operations officer Harry Nichols had brought his team to Ciudad del Este for a single purpose: eliminating Jean-Claude Manet, aka Ramzi bin Abdullah, the former head of al-Qaeda operations in Europe.

It was supposed to be simple. But there's nothing simple about killing a man.



The #1 Amazon Bestselling Political Thriller that began the Shadow Warriors saga! More than 50,000 copies sold.

"A terrific read from a great new author. Highly recommended." -Brad Thor, author of Rising Tiger

An American president who will do anything to win reelection. . .

An Iranian leader who will stop at nothing to bring about apocalypse. ..

An ancient evil, only waiting to be reborn. . .

High in the Alborz Mountains of northwestern Iran, an archaeological team disappears. American citizens are among the missing. . .

Days later, imagery from U.S. spy satellites reveals detachments of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps descending upon the site. . .

With the presidential election only months away, President Roger Hancock authorizes a covert CIA mission into the mountains of Iran. Their objective: rescue the archaeologists and uncover the truth.

With fifteen years in the Clandestine Service, paramilitary operations officer Harry Nichols is unquestionably the man for the job. He's a tough, ruthless veteran operator. He's led his men into harm's way time and again.

For him, it's all about the mission. It's all about the team. He's never seen anything like this before. . .

Drawn into a web of conspiracy that reaches half-way around the world and into the highest levels of the U.S. government, he soon finds that nothing is as it seems. The mission itself is suspect. His team can no longer be trusted. And a misstep means world war. . .



Along the border in Texas, a deadly firefight claims the lives of two Border Patrol agents.

On a highway in suburban Virginia, a bomb blast targets the director of the CIA.

From the halls of power in D.C., secrets reach out, signing the death warrants of those who uncover them. . .

The long-awaited sequel to the #1 Bestselling Political Thriller, Pandora's Grave! For CIA paramilitary Harry Nichols, deceit has become a way of life. Fifteen years in the Clandestine Service have left him weary, recovering from a devastating betrayal. Little does he know. . .the betrayals have only begun.

With CIA Director David Lay missing and presumed dead, Nichols finds himself tasked with protecting Lay's estranged daughter--and hunted by an ex-Spetsnaz kill team.

His only mission is to keep her safe. Her only desire is to find the man who ordered her father's murder.

For him, she becomes the only motivation to leave behind the life of violence he's known. But only his talent for violence can save them now. . .

Pursued by an unknown enemy, their danger will draw them together, even as her quest for truth plunges them both into the abyss.

But as their world turns upside down--as a Pakistani terrorist prepares to attack an American city-- even as everything once sure turns to quicksand, one thing becomes breathtakingly clear.

All that stands between them and the truth is an American President willing to bury his secrets. . .one enemy at a time.



“We are going to find the people who did this to our country. And we are going to see them burn.”

With America still reeling from the largest terrorist attacks to strike the homeland since 9/11, a Clandestine Service strike team is dispatched to the Mediterranean to target the man responsible for financing the plot—Saudi Prince Yusuf ibn Talib al-Harbi. Codename: TALISMAN.

For CIA paramilitary operations officer Jack “Tex” Richards, his orders couldn’t have been more straightforward: by the time the sun rises once more over Monaco, TALISMAN will be dead. The plan is simple enough.

But as darkness falls, as the mission starts to fall apart, as the life of an American college student becomes inextricably linked with that of the prince, one truth is self-evident: there is no such thing as a clean kill. . .



“Deceleration. The MT1-XX parachute billowed open in the night sky above him, snapping his shoulders back against the harness and pulling him out of freefall. Over six years at this game. . .and he still didn’t like the idea of jumping out of a fully-functional aircraft.”

The year is 2006.

As the Israeli Defense Force storms across the border into southern Lebanon, preparing to surround the stronghold of Bint Jbeil, three men wearing the yellow headbands of Hezbollah parachute off the ramp of a USAF C-130 Hercules, falling into the Lebanese night.

Their mission: rescue a compromised CIA asset from Bint Jbeil with only hours remaining before the IDF completes their envelopment of the town.

For Harry Nichols, it isn't his first time dropping into a combat zone. But getting to the ground is only the beginning. . .for the woman they have come to save is the wife of a Hezbollah commander.

Her husband has vowed to kill her. The CIA has promised to keep her alive.

But as the mission descends into chaos—as the night explodes in fire—some promises will prove impossible to keep.



"He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his enemy and one for himself."
In the Middle East, refugees fleeing dictatorship and terrorism pour across the borders into Europe, destabilizing countries already in the throes of economic crisis. But not all who seek refuge share the same reasons for so doing. . .

In the UK, the nationalist far Right gathers strength--fueled by a government unable or unwilling to protect its own.

England is on the brink. All it will take to send it tumbling into the abyss. . .is a single push.

And in the midst of it all, two men have arrived in London, dark harbingers of death to come. One of them is a terrorist, responsible for one of the most successful attacks against the West in the years since 9/11. The other, an assassin, come to take his life.

Fifteen years Harry Nichols spent as a CIA paramilitary operations officer. Fifteen long years of war, tracking America's enemies across the world. Hunting them down--killing them. Before they could strike. Until the Christmas Eve attacks on Las Vegas forced him to resign from the Agency. Attacks which killed hundreds of innocent Americans, claimed the life of the woman he had sworn to protect. The woman he loved.

Forced out into the cold, Nichols has found himself in the UK, operating without sanction, without law. A man without a country--come to London with a single purpose: kill the man responsible for the attacks in Vegas. Avenge her death.

No matter what it takes. What lines must be crossed. What faiths must be betrayed. There are no rules, not any more. Only vengeance.

His career with the CIA is over. His war. . .has only just begun.



“You weren’t prepared for chaos. Because that’s what you set in motion, with every bullet fired, with every missile launched. Chaos.”

Bestselling author Stephen England returns, with a spell-binding new look inside the War on Terror.

He was born Michael Warnick, a native of Duluth, Minnesota. A high school linebacker. An all-American kid. But the world would come to know him as Umar ibn Hassan. . .

An eloquent and charismatic cleric, the American-born Hassan has made a name for himself with the Islamic State in the Egyptian Sinai. A powerful symbol in the fight against the West.

For months, the CIA, working in coordination with Egyptian Special Forces, has been trying to capture Hassan. They’ve failed.

So now, their mission has been “simplified”: kill him.

Boots on the ground, replaced by a drone in the sky. Simple, efficient. Clean.

But as the moments tick down to the strike, as the Reaper’s cameras look down from twenty-five thousand feet above the desert, one thing becomes devastatingly clear. . .

This is not the end. This is only the beginning. And the consequences for making the wrong call could prove incalculable.



His death could doom a revolution. But the only thing keeping him alive is the honor of a spy.

A CIA officer in Iraq, at odds with his own agency. . .
An Iraqi sheikh, whose alliance with the Americans has earned him many enemies, and few friends.
The former KGB officer tasked with the destruction of that alliance, once and for all.

Proekt ARKHANGEL. Anbar Province, Iraq. Early 2007.

After four years of war, with attacks escalating day by day and public support crumbling at home, the American effort in Iraq rests on one last gambit: a tenuous alliance with the Sunni tribes of Anbar, to deny al-Qaeda sanctuary and take the fight to the terrorists. The Anbar “awakening.”

Dispatched to Iraq to help cement the alliance, CIA Arabist and paramilitary Harry Nichols finds himself drawn into a world of shifting loyalties and allegiances, where nothing is certain—the word of a government, least of all.

As enemies gather, both without and within, he will be forced to make a final, desperate choice: his orders. . .or his honor? And the fate of the awakening will rest in the balance.



Every man is the hero of his own story. But he's become the villain of his.

He's a man without a country. . .fighting a war without end.

Gravely wounded, and at the point of death following the terrorist attacks on Balmoral, Scotland, former CIA paramilitary Harry Nichols has found himself a fugitive.

On the run from the British security services, and his own former employers, the combined might of the Western intelligence community closing in upon him on the continent of Europe.

He's never been farther out in the cold. He's never been more dangerous.

There's nowhere to run.

And the only place left to hide is among the very people he's spent a career hunting.




"The family doesn't want a raid. . .they just want their loved ones back."

Shawn and Charity Braley came to the Philippines to seek the lost. But when Abu Sayyaf gunmen burst into their church one December morning, the American missionaries' abduction sets into motion a chain of events which will reverberate from the jungles of Mindanao, all the way to the White House.

CIA paramilitary Jack Richards brought his new strike team to Mindanao to hunt down a terrorist--to further cement the partnership between the Agency and their Filipino counterparts. But when the Braleys are taken, his mission changes. . .

Haunted by memories of the Vegas attacks, William Russell Cole arrives in Manila to head up the FBI's hostage recovery effort, only to find himself hamstrung by bureaucratic inertia, navigating the political quicksands.

For the kidnapped missionaries have become far more than just hostages--they've become pawns in a high-stakes geopolitical game.

A game everyone stands to lose.



A battle-hardened warrior. . .
An untested preacher of jihad. . .
And a young man on the run, who could ensure their success. . .or bring them down.

August 2007. Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. As the surge in Iraq nears its peak, American soldiers flow through the Cold War-era base of Ramstein by the thousands, the American war machine at its most powerful. Its most vulnerable.

Mehmet Ecevit was a CIA asset, dragooned into penetrating Islamist terror networks in Istanbul after an unsuccessful attempt to join the jihad against the Americans in Iraq. An asset who broke under the pressure—broke and ran, fleeing to Germany in an effort to shake off his handlers and escape his past. But one’s past is never far behind.

CIA paramilitary Harry Nichols was supposed to be on his way home, a well-deserved break from the war. Instead, with intelligence pointing toward a homegrown terror cell targeting US forces in Germany, he finds himself tasked with re-acquiring the Agency’s wayward asset. Running Mehmet against his newfound friends in a high-stakes gambit to stop the plot before it can get off the ground. So long as they can trust him, they have an edge.

But loyalty, for a spy, is ever a wild card.



Where would you turn, if the only way back was straight off a cliff?

Haunted by demons of regret, former CIA officer Harry Nichols has found himself a fugitive, fleeing east across the porous borders of the European Union, seeking to lose himself in the ever-spreading Syrian diaspora.

Run. Hide. The only choices left to him—his last chance at redemption, drowned in a pool of blood in a basement somewhere in the Ardennes. And when the German security services come knocking, even those hopes vanish.

But it isn’t extradition—justice—that faces Harry, but a new, desperate mission: infiltrate a cell on the growing radical fringe of European politics. Bring them down from within.

He’s the wrong man for the job. But the Germans aren’t asking.

And there’s no way he’s going to tell them the truth.

And as an old evil rears its head amidst Russian active measures and the unrest precipitated by mass migration, a spy on the run may prove useful to the right people.

Or even the wrong ones.

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