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Where would you turn, if the only way back was straight off a cliff?

Haunted by demons of regret, former CIA officer Harry Nichols has found himself a fugitive, fleeing east across the porous borders of the European Union, seeking to lose himself in the ever-spreading Syrian diaspora.

Run. Hide. The only choices left to him—his last chance at redemption, drowned in a pool of blood in a basement somewhere in the Ardennes. And when the German security services come knocking, even those hopes vanish.

But it isn’t extradition—
justice—that faces Harry, but a new, desperate mission: infiltrate a cell on the growing radical fringe of European politics. Bring them down from within.

He’s the wrong man for the job. But the Germans aren’t asking.

And there’s no way he’s going to tell them the truth.

And as an old evil rears its head amidst Russian active measures and the unrest precipitated by mass migration, a spy on the run may prove useful to the right people.

Or even the wrong ones.

Soon Dies the Day

Expected to ship early July
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