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"The family doesn't want a raid. . .they just want their loved ones back."

Shawn and Charity Braley came to the Philippines to seek the lost. But when Abu Sayyaf gunmen burst into their church one December morning, the American missionaries' abduction sets into motion a chain of events which will reverberate from the jungles of Mindanao, all the way to the White House.

CIA paramilitary Jack Richards brought his new strike team to Mindanao to hunt down a terrorist--to further cement the partnership between the Agency and their Filipino counterparts. But when the Braleys are taken, his mission changes. . .

Haunted by memories of the Vegas attacks, William Russell Cole arrives in Manila to head up the FBI's hostage recovery effort, only to find himself hamstrung by bureaucratic inertia, navigating the political quicksands.

For the kidnapped missionaries have become far more than just hostages--they've become pawns in a high-stakes geopolitical game.

A game everyone stands to lose.


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