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One Year Post-Release

Last year, on June 30th, I launched Pandora’s Grave. It was my second published novel, following the 2009 release of Sword of Neamha, but last year marked my first foray into the world of the Kindle and e-publishing.

It has been, simply put, an incredible year. In the last year, 6,063 copies of Pandora’s Grave have sold, making it a bestseller by traditional industry standards, and I have received 90 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.7, giving the novel a long run as #1 Top-Rated Spy Thriller on the Amazon Kindle.

I’ve also met a lot of wonderful people, many of them fellow conservatives, and many brave members of our military. I have what is unquestionably the best audience out there, and I am honored to call you my friends. I thank God for you all, for all your support and encouragement.

It is in thanks for all you have done in spreading the word that I give you a sneak peek at my next upcoming project, here. 🙂

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